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WelcomeDongguan Boxing Machinery Co., Ltd!
Popular keywords:Slitting machine、Automatic cutting machine、Rewinding machine
Product Classification
Focus on manufacturing mechanical equipment for adhesive tape and film industry


Optical Film Slittin

Optical Film Slittin used:This machine is a slitting and rewinding machine for optical film materials. For example: PET optical film, polariz... 【details】

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Application Area
Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit
The customer said th

The customer said th

We met and started to cooperat...

Boxing Machinery is

Boxing Machinery is

Boxing Machinery has always in...

Slitter, rewinder, e

Slitter, rewinder, e

Boxing Machinery is trustworth...

Boxing Machinery Co.

Boxing Machinery Co.

Since the cooperation with Box...


23 year old brand, trustworthy

Private technology enterprise focusing on adhesive tape and film whole plant equipment. After years of development and innovation, it has become a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province and a national high-tech enterprise. The products have obtained a number of national patents and passed CE certification, IS09001 quality management system certification, etc.

Support customization and customization

The experienced technology R&D team will tailor your products and solutions to your specific situation. For many years, we have been supplying large quantities of mechanical equipment to the market.

Technical innovation and quality assurance

The R&D team keeps pace with the times and is committed to the upgrading and innovative design of products, striving for excellence. There is also a group of experienced technical sales personnel who go deep into the market, understand customer needs accurately, and create value for customers!

Perfect after-sales service system

The perfect after-sales service team is waiting for your call 24 hours to solve your problems in a timely manner. Door to door installation and commissioning, and on-site guidance, until learning. One year free warranty and lifelong equipment maintenance.
About Us
It has thousands of customers at home and abroad, and has won unanimous praise


Dongguan Boxing Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a private technology enterprise focusing on adhesive tape and film equipment. After years of development and innovation, it has become a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province and a national high-tech enterprise. The products have obtained a number of national patents and passed CE certification, IS09001 quality management system certification, etc.

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Customized hotline: 13925572508 (7 days * 24 hours)

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7 * 24-hour service hotline



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